Estate House

Century Old Luxury Estate with spacious rooms, expansive lanai for enjoying Hawaii sunset and ocean breeze and over 3 acres to stroll in nature

Country-elegance and convenience is the keynote of this spacious estate home

Family Fun, Retreat Comfort or Company Gatherings in Hawaii Style

Plantation House Rates


Two-Night Minimum

$950 Per night


14-Day Vacation Package

$10,500 / 2 weeks

Full Month

30-Day Vacation Package

$22,500 / 30-Days

Plantation House Features

Most frequent questions and answers

Number of Bedrooms

7 spacious bedrooms 

Dining Areas

Enjoy family-style dining at the main table or a lovely morning continental fruit and bread basket in the sunny breakfast nook. 

Number of Restrooms

5 full bathrooms, 2 half baths

Cable, TV and Wifi

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Kitchen and Supplies

A full kitchen with all the amenities to serve a large family or company gathering awaits at the Hawi Plantation Estate, including three separate dining areas for maximum comfort and accommodation for any size group.

Cleaning, Laundry and Shopping Services

Plantation House makes sure you are relaxed, comfortable and enjoying your stay at our estate. Many types of services and amenities to choose from in our Guest Services. Click photo to access selection.

Deposits, Refunds, Cancellations and Discounts

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Transportation Services and Airports

Hawi Plantation House is located approximately 45 minutes from Kona Airport and approximately 2.5 hours from Hilo Airport. We are happy to arrange for your transportation services to and from the airport. An estate car is available for rental. See details for transportation in our Guest Services

A grand assortment of places to visit, play, explore and enjoy.

All within walking distance and under a mile away.