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Hawaii As A Remote Workplace

Many flock to the Hawaiian islands for a reprieve from the busy city life while tropical paradise boasts of the lowest rates per capita of COVID-19 in the country, “Hawaii seeks to be seen as a remote workplace with a view”, states Jennifer Sinco Kelleher, author of a recent article published in the Associated Press on 29th of November 2020.

A growing influx of a new type of island vacationer has begun to evolve on all islands of Hawaii. Busy, engaged corporate employees who are able to enjoy a “work at home” lifestyle are opting for the pleasurable space of island living.

For most of those who have departed mainland and op to enjoy this new, island corporate lifestyle are prompted to adjust their work flow from hours before sunrise to work day ending by early afternoon. They don’t seem to mind though.

Certainly, island living provides a much more relaxed environment as well as lower population with stricter guidelines for managing these precarious times.

Many popular vacation spots and resorts offer special discounts to those seeking a temporary, long-term living arrangement while unpredictable times warrant the freedom to work from home.

Hawi Plantation Estate offers special pricing for those who wish to settle for a moderate vacation-work at home stay. Plan for a month-month “Stay at home” vacation at our estate and enjoy a super-highway T1 phone line for direct connect to internet.

Great internet service, comprehensive cable with all the best movie and sports channels; many amenities required for comfort, dining and personal needs and are within walking distance or a short drive away.

Some of the worlds most magnificent beaches are all within a pleasant 30-40 minute drive down the coastal highway, not far from our remote, quaint, country village of Hawi.

Perhaps the greatest bonus for the new corporate style work-at-home long-term visitor is the amazing sounds of island birds softly humming in the background while diligently working away at your desk!