Local Attractions

Local Attractions

Find out just why Hawi is considered a magical, country-side town and enjoy some of the most beautiful sites on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Located 6 miles from here on Hwy 270, is the Kapa’a Park. This park is very rocky with no sand. The snorkeling is great when the water is calm. There is a pavilion and lots of trees for shade. A great place to watch the whales and enjoy the sunset. 

Drive east about 8 miles past Hawi and at the very end of the road, find a place to park. Walk down a steep trail, which takes about 10 minutes and back up, 25 minutes. At the bottom of the trail, hang out in the valley or on the rocky beach.

This place provides great hiking trails although it is an 80 minute drive from Hawi to trail head. You can ride the rim on ATV’s or horseback. See amazing views of the waterfall and the valley.

There are many hiking trails in this park. The favorite trail is the Kilauea Iki Trail, which takes you over lava, offers great scenic views of the volcano and provides a feel of steam vents leading you to the end of trail at Thurston Lava tubes.  

Follow the signs to the Lava Lava Beach Club and park in the free parking lot. Following the signs leads you to the water, providing a long sandy stretch of beach nestled between the ocean and a fish pond. It is a very unique space in nature. The beach is called “A Bay” and there is an assortment of lounge chairs that are open to the public to use. A snack bar and water gear rentals are to the right as you enter onto the beach.

To the left is Lava Lava Beach Club which is a great place to dine. 

This beach has the best sand on the island – it is super soft. It’s a small beach yet offers a modest, short walk to enjoy the ocean air and wildlife. A small public parking lot is positioned in the resort. It does fill up fast and if you are not there before 9am, chances are that you will be directed to valet parking at resort. If you do take the  valet parking, walk through the lobby, go down the stairs, and head out to the beach. Head towards to the left where the public lounge environment is located. The beach cafe has yummy food, great cocktails and is open to the public. There are also rentals for enjoying beach fun too. 

This is the best public beach on the Big Island. Full bathroom facilities, lots of trees, driftwood, and mini coves; 2 rope swings if the water is high enough. After you have parked, walk to the right of the coves. After you turn off @ mile-marker 69, you will find a food truck with Hot Malasadas, Portugese donuts filled with a variety of fruit fillings. 

This is a fabulous sandy beach. There are pavilions for shade and a snack bar. $5 to park your car and then walk down to beach. 

Drive into the resort, turn left past the shops. You will find a small parking lot to the right. Park your car and head down the trail towards the bathrooms. You will walk past fish ponds, and eventually, you land on the beach. The walk takes approximately 10 minutes, however, it is worth it, it is very pretty. Once you hit the ocean, walk left to the beach club. In that area is a small sandy beach with very calm water. There is an open air restaurant and water sports rentals. 

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