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Not All Islands Are COVID Equal

Fortunately, even though the entire string of islands in the Hawaii region are grouped as one state, each islands is considered a county with its own unique travel requirements concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, unlike the mainland where each state operates beneath a blanket ruling, per state.

Our Hawi Plantation Estate is located far away from the heavy, populated areas of the Big Island – 2.5 hours from Hilo and an hour from Kona. Far out on the northwest tip of the island and nestled between ocean ridges, cattle ranches and long stretches of highway, we remain protected and in full enjoyment of our sweet, isolated country-like environment. Fabulous north trade winds breeze by each day creating plenty of pure air and provide a nesting place for some of the most extraordinary island songbirds.

Perhaps that is why we continue to enjoy a lifestyle free of the paranoia and concern that many city environments are suffering now on mainland and some of the other more, heavily populated islands in this region.


Here’s The Update:

Recent news regarding the rules and regulations for traveling to Hawaii require a two-week quarantine on the island of Kuai, starting the 2nd of December. A recent surge in COVID-19 cases, the island county has chosen to opt out of the “test negative, stay free” program that has been in effect for the past few months.

Since October, visitors to Hawaii have enjoyed a quarantine-free visit if they test negative before arriving to the islands. Now, starting on the 2nd of December, all visitors arriving to Kaui must quarantine for two weeks.

Other islands, including the Big Island, where Hawi Plantation Estate is located, will continue the “pre-testing” process with no quarantine.

American Airlines, United Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines offer pre-flight testing services for travelers heading our way.

Lt. Gov. Green stated on the 27th of November in a recent interview in HawaiiNewsNow “Right now, the system is working…..we have the lowest rate in the country of COVID, we’ve got lowest mortality rate in the country of COVID.”

Hawaii is recognized as the only state in the US where coronavirus is not spreading out of control, according to a recent article in New York Times. Yet, Hawaii officials are motivated to do whatever is needed to keep it that way.

Hawi Plantation Estate is happy about this news report and aligns with local officials in their attempts to keep our beautiful, Big Island COVID-19 disease free, as much as possible.

For this reason, our current policy requires that all guests, even inter-island travelers provide a negative test results certification, within 72 hours, before staying at our mini-resort.

Thank you for working with us in protecting our pristine, virus-free environment and participating in making this a happy, healthy, enjoyable 2020 holiday season for everyone visiting and working at the Hawi Plantation Estate!