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Auromere Lifestyle Care Products

Ancient Healing Formulas

Oral Care

5 different flavors of toothpaste, one super-potent, healing mouthwash made with over 15 different herbs and gum-healing neem picks for keeping teeth clean and gums healthy. A unique, long-lasting bamboo brush that offers a fantastic alternative to the plastic bristle brushes.

Hair Care

Two Different shampoo formulas, one shampoo bar and a fantastic pre-shampoo hair conditioner.

Skin Care

Over 6 different soap recipes to choose from, mud mask, healing neem balm, soothing massage oil, anti-aging facial serum, facial scrub and body lotion.


Auromere provides an extensive selection of fragrances for enhancing the atmosphere for each dosa type or combination. Check out the selection and discover what best resonates with your disposition and assists in fostering an equanimous emotional state.

Ayurveda Ancient Science


Ayurveda Science, a system of health and psychology management that is over 5 thousand years old, with it's roots found in the ancient Hindu culture. A vast and expansive collection of healing formulas comprised of spices, herbs, oils and plant parts for healing and psychological equanimity. A complete lifestyle science for optimum vitality, clarity in thinking and total rejuvenation.


Temple Space Within & Out

The Three Doshas

Kapha, Pitta and Vata; Earth, Wind, Water or Fire, the three, major types of human chemistry based on the elements and identified by this ancient science, known as "Doshas". Each of the three types, or combinations of types earmark the correct diet, best fragrances, preferred amount of rest or level of energy as well as personality disposition and challenges with health common to chemistry of Dosha type. Take the short survey at the link below to discover your dosha. Learn more on how you can cultivate a more serene psychology and happy, healthy physical body.

What's Your Dosha?

Type for Type

"Dosha" type is divided into several categories for managing day to day lifestyle activities, for gaining the most in vitality, good health, productivity, ease in digestion and spiritual fulfillment too. Areas of focus per type: * Diet * Exercise * Yoga * Diety * Environment * Weather * Social disposition * Family relations * Work Profession and skills * Disease or tendencies for sickness and its antedotes * Mantras * Romance, Relationships, Spiritual inclinations and tendencie; emotional nature, physical features, thinking tendencies, heart beat and nature of movement.

Manage Your Reality Intelligently, Consciously

“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers”