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Plantation Estate

From Towels to Toiletries, we have you covered!

Simply click the button below to contact our housekeeper who can provide you with fresh towels, a roll of toilet paper, dish sponge or paper towels.

For toiletries, find an assortment of high-quality Ayurvedic body care products from Auromere sold through our Plantation Estate online shop. Once you place the order, soon, we will have the item at your door!

Auromere Bodycare

Ancient formulas are the foundation of this exquisite body care line with all natural ingredients and authentic essential oil fragrances. Take a peak at our selection of items available for purchase at our online store. Delivered to your door!

Assortment of Toothpaste, Powerful cleansing and healing Mouthwash, Neem Toothpicks, Bamboo toothbrush

Incredibly rich, natural shampoos and shampoo bar – fantastic if you prefer to avoid using plastic, pre-shampoo conditioner, too!

Natural soaps with essential oils, massage oil, lotion, mud mask, neem healing balm, exquisite facial, anti-wrinkle oil concoction, delicate facial scrub.

Atmosphere Enhancement & Incense Accessories

A vast selection of natural, hand-made resin incense for setting the atmosphere and creating the mood. Check out the selection, order an incense holder too, if needed

Many different fragrance types for all moods throughout the day and night.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Products @ The Hawi Plantation Estate

See full selection of products and gifts in main house inside Plantation Bistro internet cafe!